Why Choose the Name “Sheepdog Development”?

sheepdogI’m often asked, “Why did you choose the name ‘Sheepdog Development’?” I’m glad you asked. I picked the name specifically because I am a Sheepdog, and it is my passion to help bring out the Sheepdog in others.

What do I mean Sheepdog? It started when I read a passage from the book On Combat by Lt. Colonel David Grossman (ret.). Colonel Grossman is retired Army Ranger, and spends his time now writing, speaking and training civilians, law enforcement, and military personnel around the country on the topics of safety and security. In his book On Combat, Colonel Grossman makes the analogy that people tend fall into one of three different categories: Sheep, Wolves, or Sheepdogs.

Those who tend to be “sheep” are those who are innocent. This is not a derogatory term, it is their make-up, in their very being. This is a good thing. this means that they have the conscience to NOT be a predator to other human beings.

The flip-side is that these sheep are not mentally ready and able to protect themselves. Aside from very limited circumstances, they are perfectly content to live their lives. Even though some sheep may display the occasional “non-sheep” trait, they simply go about their lives.

Then there are the “wolves”. The wolves are simply those that prey on the innocent. Evil does exist in this world, and it preys on the sheep. Whether the wolf is the basic mugger or gang thug on the street, or the extremist that attacks your child’s school, or even your church, the wolves are out to do harm.

Thankfully, the number of wolves is relatively small. Unfortunately, when the wolves attack, the sheep are not prepared for it, and the wolves end up with defenseless, paralyzed prey.

So who stands between the sheep and the wolves? It is the “sheepdogs”. A sheepdog is NOT the shepherd. They don’t lead the sheep. Aside from a few “heat of the moment” commands, they don’t control the sheep. They simply protect the sheep. A sheepdog is one who is willing to protect the sheep. Whether it is their own family, or anyone else around them, the sheepdog is willing to stand in the gap between the sheep and the wolves.

So why “Sheepdog Development”? My mission is to help those who wish to be sheepdogs. If the sheep wants to become a sheepdog, I want to have the tools to help them on their journey. If a sheepdog desires help in training, I will step up. If a local congregation of God’s church needs to begin or augment their own team of sheepdogs, they can call on me.

It is my passion to help develop sheepdogs, for when the sheepdogs are awake, the wolves are kept at bay.

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