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http-wwwAs an advisor for families and churches, Bryan Donihue and Sheepdog Development offer a variety of services. For families and small business owners without the IT and networking know-how, Bryan is able to provide a range of products geared towards keeping the family or business safe online. For small to mid-size churches without their own IT or Safety personnel, Sheepdog Development is there to help them make decisions and work thru the processes necessary.

SAFE Families

When talking to parents and small business owners, it is evident that a great deal of them have trouble knowing how to secure their internet access, or which security software products to use. They typically have issues trying to implement or install and configure the software correctly.

Bryan’s background in IT, research, and work with various software vendors has provided him with the skills and training necessary to help families and small businesses with their general IT security needs, as well as minor computer troubleshooting, repair, and data recovery. With prices specially set for families and small businesses, Sheepdog Development is able to provide peace of mind while keeping on budget.

SAFE Churches

For small to mid-size churches, Sheepdog Development offers two distinct services. Like the services offered for families, Sheepdog Development offers some general IT work, as well as a full range of internet and network safety consulting and services.

If the church is considering starting a Safety Team, or has started one, but desires help for it, Bryan does offer one-on-one safety/security consulting. This is specially designed to help churches make that broad, and often scary, leap of faith into a relatively unknown world. Recognizing the diminishing budgets of many small and mid-size churches, Sheepdog Development’s services are offered with heavy discounts to the church.

For more information, please contact Bryan.

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