Computers, Technology, and YOUR Kids!

internet-kidsThis seminar is for parents of children for any age old enough to use a computer. Whether the parent has one child, or cares for many different kids. Even those who temporarily care for kids, such as foster parents, will benefit from this seminar.

Sheepdog Development works with churches, community groups, and child care agencies to bring this seminar to parents all over the greater West Michigan area, throughout the state of Michigan, and beyond.

This seminar teaches parents what their kids are doing with technology -including computers, phones, game systems, and even their MP3 players. Parents will discover what their kids are doing, what can be dangerous about it, and what the parents can do to safeguard their kids. Bryan also covers legal and ethical concerns that parents might have, and walks them through some possible solutions.

This seminar has received rave reviews from attendees and hosts alike, and has become part of a yearly training schedule for Bethany Christian Services and Frontline Community Church.

For more information, or to schedule this seminar in your location, contact Bryan.

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