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seminarSheepdog Development is proud to sponsor and offer a growing range of seminars to help inform and equip families and the church. Topics range from technology and kids, to community and church safety, and personal safety and security topics. Short descriptions of the seminars are listed below, with links to more thorough descriptions.

Computers, Technology, and Your Kids!

In the Computers, Technology and Your Kids! seminar, Bryan teaches parents what their kids are doing with technology, what they’re doing on the internet, and what some of the dangers are. He also teaches parents how to make their system less vulnerable, and how to stop their children from doing anything dangerous with technology. Bryan also talks about the legal and ethical concerns for parents, with special concerns for foster and adoptive parents. Contact Bryan to schedule a seminar in your church or community.

Refuse To Be A Victim ®

Bryan is a certified instructor for the NRA’s Refuse To Be A Victim ® seminar. RTBAV is not a firearms course, and it is not a self-defense course. This seminar is specially designed to help inform and train attendees about personal safety in the home, out of the home, and even at work. This course teaches people how their behavior can help them avoid being a victim to the predators in the world.

The Ministry of Church Safety

With the world today, church safety is something that most people don’t really think about. Unless someone has the sheepdog mentality, they typically either ignore or deny the existence of church violence, especially as it applies to their church. Unfortunately, today’s church is no longer seen as a place that cannot be attacked. Instead, it is often seen with hostility, and as a place where someone can attack with impunity, where no one will likely fight back. This seminar is designed to help small and mid-size church leaders decide what steps will work for them to help keep their flocks safe. this is the latest in a series of seminars.

For more information about any of these seminars, please contact Bryan or look at the information in the above links.

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