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hand-puzzleOur mission is to train and equip families and churches. To accomplish that  purpose, we offer a host of services designed for individuals, families and churches and other houses of worship. We offer community service and church seminars, consulting and technology services, and training services for churches and other groups. With these services, we strive to offer services specifically designed to train and equip sheepdogs to be able to watch their sheep, and keep the wolves at bay.


Sheepdog Development offers several different seminars on a variety of topics. Bryan is a professional seminar speaker and trainer. One of the most popular seminars offered is the “Computers, Technology, and Your Kids!” seminar that is designed to teach parents what their kids are doing with technology, and how parents can safeguard them. Bryan is also a certified instructor for the NRA’s Refuse To Be A Victim seminar that teaches individuals how to change their habits and actions to make themselves less likely to be victimized.


With Bryan’s background in technology, Sheepdog Development offers basic IT and security consulting for families, small businesses, and small churches that don’t have their own IT staff. With an emphasis on network security and internet safety, Bryan helps families and churches secure their networks, and make their internet access safe for their children, employees, and parishioners.


As far as we can tell, in the last 100 years, there have not been any deaths in churches due to fires. In the last 15 years, there have been hundreds of deaths in churches attributed to violence. And the numbers for assaults are staggering. For this reason, churches of all sizes are beginning to see the need to have dedicated safety and security teams in place to handle everything from medical emergencies to physical assaults or attacks. As the Safety Director for his church, Bryan has launched a Safety Ministry from the ground up. Bryan offers insight and training from his successes and failures, teaching safety teams basic concepts and information that they can use to keep their own place of worship safe.

More information on these services can be found in the linked pages, or you can contact Bryan for direct information.

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