Mob Mentality – Part 1


Sheepdog-Iconography---SoapboxWhat do I mean by “Mob Mentality”?

The last couple years have seen a terrible coarsening of culture. When people have gathered, in most cases, there has tended to be violence and disorder.

Seen most vividly in France and Greece, then into Egypt and Libya, where people have gathered to protest, there has been violence.

Regardless of ideology, the same violence that happens in mobs overseas are happening here. Whether it is the local college team losing (or winning) a championship, or the Occupy movement, it is becoming evident that large gatherings of people have the capacity to turn violent.

With very few exceptions, these large protest gatherings are fueled by dissatisfaction, anger, and a feeling of desperation. These feelings are then fueled and encouraged (in most cases) by a sympathetic media, who use the violence and anger stirred up to gain the coveted “ratings” for their news corporations.

As a sheepdog, it is our responsibility to recognize some of the warning signs around us. By paying attention, to our surroundings, we can recognize when a gathering is starting to shift and become a “mob”. In further parts of this series, I’ll be discussing what the warning signs are, and some strategies to keep safe both by avoiding them, and even what to do if caught in one.

Until then – Stay Safe!

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