A Night of Song and Prayers


Sheepdog-Iconography---SoapboxTonight was the annual choir concert for my kids. Four of my five kids are in elementary school, and tonight was the yearly concert. As my wife and I crammed in the high school auditorium with the hundreds of other families and vied for precious seats, I reflected on two interesting facts.

First – contrary to my normal mode of carry, I was unarmed. In Michigan, schools are off limits to concealed carry, except for the relatively few special cases such as law enforcement officers. As a sheepdog, I believe it is my duty to carry my firearm everywhere that I am legally allowed to carry it – and I do. Unfortunately, schools in Michigan (like most states) are Victim Disarmament Zones.

This bothered me. Here I was, sitting in the middle of a large crowd of adults and kids, in an area where I legally could not have the tools necessary to defend my family, or others, should the worst possible problem happen. I was disarmed by a legislature and society that looks on sheepdogs with distrust and distaste.

The second fact was that this would be a heck of a mess if there was a fire. As I looked around the room, I noticed where the exits were, which ones were closer, and where they led to in relation to the overall building. And then I realized that if a fire broke out, I was going to be separated from at least two of my young children, who were off preparing for their portion of the concert.

As I sat there, I prayed that nothing would happen tonight. But I also prayed that if it did, I would be prepared to do what was necessary to protect my family, and make sure we all went home that evening.

Thankfully, my prayers were answered. Nothing happened (aside from a few loud, off-key kids). Everyone went home that night. But ponder this – if you are in that situation, do you have a plan for disaster?

Sometime in the near future, I’m going to start a series of posts about “mob mentality” as I gather some thoughts together for a book. Hang with me. And as always, please feel free to comment on this post here, or in the forums.

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