We’re Back!


Sheepdog-IconographySorry for the long delay in publishing, but it’s been quite a ride. Not only have things been moving for Sheepdog Development, but we’ve recently re-designed the SheepdogDev.com website. With only slight changes in the visual look, we’ve gone to a totally different backend software. This will allow us to offer a cleaner, better serving website.

We will also be (finally) beginning two very different newsletters. The first is a newsletter for families, called “The Inner Sheepdog”. In this monthly-ish newsletter, we’ll be offer news, tips, and ideas to help you keep your family safe. While we will concentrate on the online world and protecting your kids, we will also be talking about physical safety of your family.

The second newsletter is specially designed for those who are interested in church safety, and is called “The Sacred Sheepdog”. In this monthly-ish newsletter, we’ll offer news from around the country and around the world about church safety issues. We’ll also be offering tips and training to help keep your faith organization safe.

Our guarantee is that we will never flood your inbox with spam and emails. We might occasionally send out announcements, but it will be very rare. Other than that, you will only get the newsletter about once a month. If you would like to sign up for one, or both, of the newsletters, please click THIS LINK, or choose the menu option at the top of the page.


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