Church Safety

10 Things – Where Do You FIT?

Sheepdog-Iconography---Safety-TeamThe title of this chapter is a play on words that applies to the church where I serve – Frontline Community Church. Those who serve as greeters, ushers and parking lot welcome team are part of the F.I.T. Team – the First Impressions Team. This ministry is where visitors and members alike get their first impression of the church every Sunday morning. Until recently, the Safety Team Ministry was NOT a part of this team. Instead, it was a part of the Facilities team, and managed by the Facilities Manager.  Continue reading

Please Hack My Network

Sheepdog-Iconography---Church-SafetyA couple weeks ago, I was in a small church in eastern Michigan. As I pulled out my iPad, I opened the “Settings” panel and searched for a WiFi network. The only network I found was completely open and unsecured.

After inquiring with someone from the church, I found out that their entire WiFi network was unsecured, with the desire and intent to allow anyone who is in the building to use their network. Continue reading

Guns in Church

Sheepdog-Iconography---Church-SafetyIn one of the many email newsletters that I received already this week, I found an interesting article that was cross-posted between the Blaze ( and BeliefNet ( This article talks about parishioners legally carrying concealed firearms in their church, and can be found at: Continue reading

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