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Sheepdog Seminar – April 23rd, 2016

Sheepdog-Iconography---Church-SafetyCome and join Sheepdog Development at the Sheepdog Seminar in Grand Rapids, Michigan on Saturday, April 23rd, 2016. Lt. Col. Dave Grossman, Jimmy Meeks, and Carl Chinn will be speaking to church leaders, security personnel, and law enforcement officers. Col. Grossman will be presenting his “Bulletproof Mind” seminar presentation.

Sheepdog Development is a vendor at the seminar this weekend. I’ll be talking to pastors and church safety personnel, and offering my book for sale: What They Don’t Tell You About Church Safety. So come see me at this incredible event.

Here is a LINK to the EVENT.

Conversation With a Closet Gun Grabber

Sheepdog-Iconography---How-to-beI recently shared an image on Facebook that depicted a couple of badly mangled cars. The caption proclaimed: “We don’t blame cars for drunk drivers. Why blame guns for violent people?” In response, I had someone who I know completely surprise me with a vehement reaction to the image. Their supposition was that cars were made for transportation, but weapons were made for harm and some should be banned. As I worked through my response to them, I thought I would repeat here what I said. Continue reading

So I Said to Myself, “baa…”

Sheepdog-Iconography---How-to-beAs I walked into a movie theater yesterday, I quietly said to myself, “Baa…”. You see, I live in Michigan. And here in Michigan, there are some strange, non-sensical rules regarding where you can, and cannot be legally armed. As a Sheepdog, one of my tools in protecting the sheep is to legally be armed with a handgun everywhere I can be. To that goal, I went through the process and training to obtain permission from the state of Michigan in the form of a Concealed Pistol License.  Continue reading

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