So I Said to Myself, “baa…”


Sheepdog-Iconography---How-to-beAs I walked into a movie theater yesterday, I quietly said to myself, “Baa…”. You see, I live in Michigan. And here in Michigan, there are some strange, non-sensical rules regarding where you can, and cannot be legally armed. As a Sheepdog, one of my tools in protecting the sheep is to legally be armed with a handgun everywhere I can be. To that goal, I went through the process and training to obtain permission from the state of Michigan in the form of a Concealed Pistol License. 

If you are not familiar with the process, it means that I took a course that taught what the laws of Michigan were, and tested for basic competence in handling my firearm and basic marksmanship. I then filed an application with the state, and had the county sheriff take my fingerprints so that the Michigan State Police could run a thorough local, state, and FBI background check on me to make sure I had no criminal history, and was not wanted by law enforcement.

After all of the background checks came back negative, I was “approved” and granted permission by the state of Michigan to carry a concealed firearm on my person, or in my car (in Michigan, you do not need state permission to carry a loaded firearm openly holstered on your person). With this permission comes certain rules and regulations about where you can, and cannot carry a firearm.

Think about this. The state had already determined that I’m a “good guy” – i.e. not a criminal. They already know that the “bad guys” don’t actually ask permission to do bad things. Yet they’ve determined that there are seemingly arbitrary places and situations where I cannot carry a firearm. One of those places is “An entertainment facility that the individual knows or should know has a seating capacity of 2,500 or more”. This includes most multiple-screen movie theaters, especially all of those in the area where I live. So, if the capacity is 2,499 people, I’d be okay to be able to protect myself, by that one extra person actually makes it a dangerous place to have a gun.

This theater has a capacity greater than 2,500, so it is a Criminal Empowerment Zone by law. If I want to legally attend a movie there, I have to lock my sidearm in my car. Since I am a law-abiding gun owner, I left my gun in the car. I decided to remove my fangs and temporarily trim my claws, taking on the facade of a sheep. I made the choice to do so grudgingly, willingly. And as I did, I remembered a statement made by Lt. Col. David Grossman during his “Bulletproof Mind” Seminar. I paraphrase it here: “If you are legally, morally able to carry a firearm with you, and you leave it at home, say this to yourself as you walk out the door, ‘Baa.'”

Grossman is right, and after I locked the firearm in the safe, and locked my truck, I walked toward the doors of the theater. I knowingly made myself into a sheep. As I did, I said to myself, “Baa…”

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