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10 Things Nobody Told You About Church Safety – Introduction

Sheepdog-Iconography---Safety-TeamAbout four years ago, as I write this article, there was a horrific mass murder at a Colorado-based youth missions training center, and the church that funded that center. On that fateful Sunday morning at Youth With a Mission and New Life Church, a man with a grudge set out to kill as many people as possible. He succeeded in killing two youths, and then proceeded to drive a little over an hour to attack the church that ran the facility. Continue reading

So I Said to Myself, “baa…”

Sheepdog-Iconography---How-to-beAs I walked into a movie theater yesterday, I quietly said to myself, “Baa…”. You see, I live in Michigan. And here in Michigan, there are some strange, non-sensical rules regarding where you can, and cannot be legally armed. As a Sheepdog, one of my tools in protecting the sheep is to legally be armed with a handgun everywhere I can be. To that goal, I went through the process and training to obtain permission from the state of Michigan in the form of a Concealed Pistol License.  Continue reading

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