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The Dichotomy of an Armed Christian

Sheepdog-Iconography---Soapbox“Thou shalt not kill.” (Exodus 20:13, KJV) This verse is quite possibly the most famous verse in the Bible about killing, and one of the most often used against Christians carrying a firearm. Another verse often quoted is from Matthew 26:52 – “Then said Jesus unto him, ‘Put up again thy sword into his place: for all they that take the sword shall perish with the sword.’” (KJV) This verse is where we get the English saying, “Those who live by the sword, die by the sword”. Continue reading

Security Software – AntiVirus

Sheepdog-Iconography---Digital-SafetyWhen I speak to parents and interested parties about keeping kids safe online, I always recommend anti-virus, firewall, and anti-malware software for home computers. I also recommend parents use monitoring software on the computers to help keep kids out of trouble. As a followup to the DNS-Filtering article a couple weeks ago, I thought that I’d begin a new series – Security Software on the Cheap. Please note: I have no stake in any of these companies, and am not paid to represent any of them. My opinions are just that, my opinions based on my experience, and the experience of others that I trust.

For this first article in the series, I want to focus on anti-virus software – why have it, what to look for, and which ones I might recommend. Continue reading

Conversation With a Closet Gun Grabber

Sheepdog-Iconography---How-to-beI recently shared an image on Facebook that depicted a couple of badly mangled cars. The caption proclaimed: “We don’t blame cars for drunk drivers. Why blame guns for violent people?” In response, I had someone who I know completely surprise me with a vehement reaction to the image. Their supposition was that cars were made for transportation, but weapons were made for harm and some should be banned. As I worked through my response to them, I thought I would repeat here what I said. Continue reading

10 Things – Firearms in the Church

Sheepdog-Iconography---Safety-TeamAs I work through church safety team issues, I would be remiss if I did not cover what is probably the one of the most contentious topics for church safety and security – firearms in church. If you have read any of my online posts, you will easily come to the conclusion that I support the arming of church safety personnel. I actually believe that churches should, if legal, allow anyone who legally can carry a firearm concealed. While this is not often the case, I am in favor of arming church safety personnel, and then equipping them with the best training. Why? Continue reading

DNS Filtering to Keep Your Family Safe

Sheepdog-Iconography---Digital-SafetyIn my technology seminar, I recommend that every house and business use a DNS filtering service on their connection to the internet. So what is DNS filtering, and how do you do it? The acronym, “DNS”, stands for Domain Name Server, which is what your computer uses to lookup the address for the websites that you want to go to. When you type in a website address in your browser, like, your DNS server would translate that plain language address and convert it to the IP address, which is the server where the website is housed. In the example above, the returned IP address is From here your browser connects to the website that you looked for.  Continue reading

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