Who Is?

photo-of-Bryan2So who is Sheepdog Development?

Bryan Donihue is the founder of Sheepdog, and has a long and varied life experience – most of which has revolved around either safety or working in the church. Currently, he serves his church as the Director of Safety, combining the two.

Bryan is a former Reserve Police Officer in indiana, and has served as a manager at one of the largest security firms in Indianapolis and as an officer at a private university in Indiana.

Bryan is also a partner in a company that offers training and consulting for small and mid-sized business. With his background in teaching and training, Bryan is able to explain concepts and impart knowledge to those who desire it. As a seminar developer and leader, Bryan’s seminars on various topics have been successful and well reviewed by the participants.

Prior to his current role in the church, Bryan has served as a youth leader, both as a volunteer and as a youth pastor. In 2008, Bryan approached the senior pastor at his church and discussed forming a safety team in response to to growing violence against the church in the US and around the world. Starting from the ground up, Bryan has worked with community and church leaders, as well as the local sheriff department and their tactical team to better keep the team’s mission: To make the church a Safe And Friendly Environment (SAFE) to encounter God.

The church where Bryan serves is an active church in the community, catering to broken and hurting people. With outreach events quarterly that reach 1500-2500 people, the challenges that the Safety Team face can be daunting. bryan constantly works with church staff and ministry volunteers to help minister and reach people for Christ, while providing a safe environment to do so.

In that time, Bryan has taken his talents and abilities for speaking and creating public seminars, as well as his gifts in teaching and leading, and he prayerfully decided to create this new business, serving churches and families. Sheepdog Development is the combination of Bryan’s passion for God’s church and families, his knowledge of safe practices, and his talents in the areas of teaching and coaching. Please contact Bryan for more information.

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